Individual Psychotherapy

I work with older adolescents and adults of all ages providing short-term and long-term individual psychotherapy. I help clients to work through issues such as depression, anxiety, emotion dysregulation, anger issues, survivors of childhood abuse, survivors of sexual abuse, relationship issues, self-esteem issues, family conflicts, identity issues, and loss/grief.

 I believe that we all are resilient and we already have many coping skills to cope with difficult situations. However, we sometimes find that our old coping skills/patterns no longer work for us or even create consequences. Searching for new ways to cope or manage our lives can be challenging. I know it is difficult for us to make any changes in our lives though we know changes are necessary.

I am here to help you make changes in your life and to make your life more meaningful by providing supportive environment and professional expertise. Through my clinical experiences, I have learned to meet with clients at their stages of change and to support them through their journeys. I also have learned to be consistent with clients, providing a sense of safety and stability in their lives.  

I believe that one of most important aspect of therapy is to develop a comfortable and safe therapeutic relationship so that we can work together effectively. 

Your first appointment:

For your first appointment, please bring your insurance information if you wish to use the insurance and a list of medications. There is paperwork I would like you to fill out for your first appointment. If you prefer to fill it out beforehand, you can print the forms out and bring them to the appointment. You can find the forms by click the button below. During your first appointment, I will ask you several questions to start to get to know your current situations and your history.

Forms for you to read and to keep for your record:

Office Policies Agreement

HiPAA Notice

Forms for you to print out and bring to your first appointment:

Client Information

Agreement to Treatment

Consent to Use and Disclose

For clients who are under the age of 18:

Please ask your parents or guardians to sign this paperwork, and bring the form with you to your first appointment.

Informed Consent Minor

Fee and Paying Method:

The fee for psychotherapy is $120/ hour. If you would like to use health insurance and if you have Anthem BCBS, Aetna, United Behavioral Health, Harvard Pilgrim or Optum, I can bill your insurance. If you have other health insurance and if your benefit includes out-of-network benefit, I can help you to get reimbursement from your insurance company. It will be important for you to call your insurance company before the first appointment and to check I am listed as their in-network provider and to find out you financial responsibility. All payments including copay, co-insurance, and deductible is due on the day of your appointment. Accept cash and check payment. Please be advised that I am unable to take credit or debit cards as a method of payment.